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 I'm glad to see thugs and criminals with their severed heads. The good men should be energetic with bandits, murderers, rapists and drug traffickers and corrupt politicians mainly (Scribe comment Valdemir Mota de Menezes)
The Lantern story, Maria Bonita and lasted about eight years, when on July 28, 1938, the band of Lantern was surrounded and killed in Angicos, Sergipe, members of the gang were beheaded and their heads as trophies in the exposed staircase where now works for the City Piranhas (AL).

The severed heads are (from bottom to top and from right to left) 1. Lantern Fair 2.Quinta 3. Maria Bonita 4. Pedro Luiz 5. Mergulhão 6. Manuel Miguel (Electrical) 7. Match Box 8. Enedina 9. Spondias 10. Currency 11. Hose . (Commentary by historian Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe).


Four Nigerians beheaded in Saudi Arabia Four Nigerian drug traffickers fell on the wrong side of the law in Saudi Arabia days before the just concluded Hajj exercise and were not spared by the authority, who insisted that they must be beheaded. advertisement The punishment was carried out sources said, just before pilgrims started arriving in the kingdom for the 2007 Hajj. 

Saturday Independent gathered that the Nigerians, three men and a woman, were arrested about six months ago at the King Abdul Azziz International Airport in possession of cocaine and heroin. The Kingdom operates strict Islamic laws, which stipulates death penalty for anyone caught trafficking in hard drugs. And even though human right groups have mounted intense criticisms against it, dozens of offenders are said to have been beheaded in the past few years. 

Top officials at the Nigerian embassy in Jeddah confirmed the development, saying that the embassy has warned Nigerians of the implications of engaging in what they described as something that is "inimical to the image of the country and could lead to their untimely death." One of the officials who craved anonymity said even though people are aware of the stiff penalty meted to drug carriers, they still indulge in the act. He said there are other vices, not acceptable to the Saudis which Nigerians engage in and which does not portray the image of the country in positive light. "Even though our people know the consequence of perpetrating these illegal acts, they still do them. 

And you know, unlike some countries, the Saudis are not that flexible in looking at these offences. They will readily tell you that the law is very clear on what should be done to whoever engages in drug trafficking". The diplomat, however, said several attempts were made at the highest level by Nigeria to see if the sentences could be commuted to life imprisonment. 

Even so, the embassy has had to contend with the problem of Nigerians who come for either the Hajj or Umrah and refuse to go back home. Hundreds of Nigerians are said to reside in the country, particularly in Mecca illegally. The Nigerian Charge D’affaires, Salman Shittu, reinforced this in his speech during the Hajj Pre-Arafat meeting with the Federal Government delegation led by Senator Teslim Folarin, when he said most of these people "engage in illegal activities and violate the laws of the host country with impunity thereby creating a bad image for Nigeria". 

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