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The cruelty of some men, for reasons that ethnic, kill their fellow men without the slightest compassion, demonstrates that the human being possesses the evil within him. Since the dawn of time. The first murder occurred in the second generation of humans, when Cain, jealous, killed Abel his brother. What can we expect from cruelty, we are now in the end times? (By theologien Valdemir Mota de Menezes)



Residents laugh as foreigner burns in his own blankets

As we made our way through the Ramaphosa squatter camp in Reiger Park on Gauteng’s East Rand, a woman’s words made us freeze in horror. “They are burning people down there,” she said.

I ran to the nearest police officer and said: “The locals say they’re burning a person at the other intersection.”

Officers leapt into a Casspir and a Nyala, and drove through the debris and barricades in the road.

I ran after them, with other photographers following.

Two hundred metres down the road we found the first man. He had been severely beaten and was semi- conscious. Police thought he was dead, but later realised he wasn’t.

About 25m from him a man was on his knees. There was a mattress covering him, and it was on fire.

He, too, was alight.

Police threw the mattress off him and kicked sand onto him to put out the flames. Another officer ran over with a fire extinguisher, pointed it at him and extinguished the flames. Other officers radioed for medical help.

The man was alive, but barely. He groaned, but he could not speak.

It was all over in 20 seconds.

There was a concrete pillar lying near him, splattered with blood. We can only imagine what was done to him before he was set alight.

The police stayed with him until the paramedics arrived, doing what they could But residents gathered at the scene were laughing.

Kim Ludbrook, a photographer, admonished them, and we reminded them this was human being and that what had happened was barbaric.

Still they laughed.

The burn victim, whose name has not been released, died last night in hospital.


A policeman tries to help a man who was set alight in Johannesburg. Photo: 18 May 2008

At least two people were burned and three others beaten to death by mobs armed with guns and machetes.


The Falklands War (also known as the South Atlantic War or the Falklands War) was an armed conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom involving the issue of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich occurred between April 2 and June 14, 1982. Your final balance was to maintain possession of the islands by the United Kingdom and the death of 649 Argentines and 258 British soldiers. In Argentina, the defeat in the conflict led to the downfall of the Argentina military junta and the restoration of democracy next year.
Information for the press and British intelligence

Although having been surprised by the Argentine invasion on islands, the United Kingdom almost always had control of the islands. On April 2, 1982, the daily The Times of London, after his first start of the second page and he asked how was it possible that event, as the British secret services had been following the Argentine embassy in the telex last six months.

(By Valdemir Mota de Menezes)