quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2010



There is a legend in Hérault about the Castel Viviourès on top of a mountain called Hortus. Man says in middle age a girl named Irène lived in this Castel. She wanted to get married and had to choose between 3 Brothers : Guiral, Clair and loup (Wolf). Man says Guiral had courage, Clair was brainly and lovely and Wolf very charitable..So they went for crusads and Irène decided that she would choose after..time passed and she was so sad that she became sick and died from sorrow.. When the 3 brothers came back it was her funeral..so they decided to become hermits. Guiral in valley of Vis on a Mountain, Clair in hill near the sea near Sète and Loup ( Wolf) in a Mountain in front of Hortus..they made a fire in homage to Irène every year... But one year only 2 fires, then one, then nothing..The 3 brothers were died...that's why in homage we called hill near Sète Mont Saint Clair, Mountain in front of Hortus Pic Saint Loup and the other Mont Saint Guiral..

domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010


Después de una gran sequía entre 1983 y 1985 en la región árida del norte de Etiopía, se produjo lo que se denominó en ese entonces «el infierno de la tierra», la falta de alimentos y la poca agua que había provocaron una muerte masiva de la población por culpa del hambre que reinaba.
La cadena de televisión BBC mostró al mundo lo que ocurría